Please Share

Please share your experiences:

Have small amounts of extra sleep helped your child?

Did moving the bedtime earlier help your child?

Have you used Fading or Check and Console?

3 thoughts on “Please Share

  1. Seplow-Jolley, Elana says:

    I love this engagement you’re fostering, Marc! I was just having a conversation with my acupuncturist yesterday about sleep training since her 11-year-old still won’t go to sleep by himself. I told her about your book!

    Elana ________________________________


  2. Astghik says:

    Earlier bedtime helped me since my daughter’s infancy, when I first read your book. She used to have super-early waking hours which were diminished after I established an earlier bedtime. I have used fading and catching the sleep window to teach my daughter self-soothing since she was 3 months old and we had independent sleep with no tears. So I literally knows how important it is to have healthy sleep habits.

    Thank you for everything you do, Dr. Weissbluth, this is priceless.



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